Syracuse Post-Standard:

"David Neal is a delightfully obnoxious Dick Deadeye, and his resounding bass breathed life into his nefarious character.”      (Dick Deadeye in HMS Pinafore, Syracuse Opera)


Opera News

"Vocally, baritone David Neal made an impressive Virgil T. . . ." 
(Virgil T. in The Mother of Us All, Baltimore Opera)


The Washington Post:

"As the soldier, David Neal was a splendid comedian and a fine singer.” (The Soldier in Yonder Mountain, world premiere,

Opera Theatre of Northern Virginia)


"The struggle for Stone’s soul, between Scratch and Daniel Webster, takes the form of a trial, with a judge and jury chosen by Scratch from the residents of Hell. It is intensely dramatic, vigorously rhetorical and, on Friday night, it dazzled the audience." (Daniel Webster in The Devil and Daniel Webster, Opera Theatre of Northern Virginia)


The Baltimore Sun:

"David Neal conveyed the psychological weakness of Arkël, and also the compassion behind his sagging authority." (Arkël in Pelléas et Mélisande, Opera Vivente)

“Next the trio accompanied bass-baritone David Neal on Stephen Paulus’ The Long Shadow of Lincoln . . . . The piece fits his voice perfectly, and he did an outstanding job of changing moods and colors with each new movement. His voice was haunting as he sang the final line, “We must disenthrall ourselves.”” (Society for New Music, Cazenovia Counterpoint Festival)


The Ithaca Journal:

 "The Colline of bass-baritone David Neal sang an expressive farewell to his overcoat in Act 4." (Colline in Puccini's La Bohème, Tri-Cities Opera)


"I was most pleased with the admirable ensemble work of the solo vocal quartet throughout this performance. Soprano Linda Larson and bass David Neal – along with Samarzea and Grahame – almost always sang as a group, their interlocking melodic strands chasing one another, interweaving with great clarity. . . . David Neal had a poignant solo in the dark opening pages of the "Agnus Dei." (Beethoven’s Missa Solemnis, Cayuga Chamber Orchestra)


The Ithaca Times:

"Gifted and expressive as these three actors are, . . . it's their singing that most moves us.  'I never speak in big or complicated ways,' Kolya says, and accordingly, the modernist libretto consists of simple words and phrases, oft-repeated.  These sung fragments match the threesome’s spare, unexpressed lives in an emotionally rich way.  And voiced by Jones' tenor, Neal's sonorous bass-baritone, and Steinhagen's mature, thrilling soprano, the understated refrains of ‘inside, outside,’ 'bed, sofa' say much, much more."  (Kolya in Bed and Sofa, Kitchen Theatre Company, Ithaca, NY) 


The Bethesda Gazzette
"Bass David Neal has a wonderfully rich and vibrant vocal quality. His performance as Simon was glorious . . . ." (Simon in Handel’s Judas Maccabaeus, Cantate Chamber Singers, Washington DC)


Online metroland:

"On the whole, there was an impressive consistency to the entire cast, which included David Neal and Curt Olds . . . ." (Simone in Gianni Schicchi / Buoso’s Ghost, Lake George Opera)