Here are some of my favorite resources on singing. No matter what genre you teach, there is a lot of very useful information in these books and websites. There are many sources on the web that offer advice on various aspects of singing technique, but not all are creditable. These are. Check them out, and find what works for you!

Print Resources

Bozeman, Kenneth

   Practical Vocal Acoustics:  Pedagogic Applications for Teachers and Singers

   Pendragon Press, Hillsdale, NY, 2013

   Kinesthetic Voice Pedagogy: Motivating Acoustic Efficiency

   Inside View Press, Gahanna, OH, 2017 


Brown, William Earl

   Vocal Wisdom: Maxims of Giovanni Battista Lamperti

   L. Strongin, dist., 1931 

Callaghan, Jean

   Singing & Science: Body, Brain & Voice

   Compton Publishing, 2014


Dayme, Meribeth Bunch   

   The Performer’s Voice: Realizing Your Vocal Potential

    W. Norton & Company, 2005

Doscher, Barbara M.

   The Functional Unity of the Singing Voice (Second Edition)

   The Scarecrow Press, Inc., 1994

Edwards, Matthew

   So You Want To Sing Rock ’N’ Roll: A Guide For Professionals

   Rowman & Littlefield, 2014

Hall, Karen 

    So You Want To Sing Music Theater: A Guide For Professionals

   Rowman & Littlefield, 2013

Jones, David L.

   A Modern Guide to Old World Singing: Concepts of the Swedish-Italian and Italian Schools of Singing

   Publ. David L. Jones, 2017

LeBorgne, Wendy and Rosenberg, Marci

   The Vocal Athlete   

   Plural Publishing, Inc., 2013


Linklater, Kristin

   Freeing the Natural Voice (Revised and Expanded): Imagery and art in the practice of voice and language

   Drama Publishers, 2006

Malde, Melissa; Allen, Mary Jean; Zeller, Kurt-Alexander

   What Every Singer Needs to Know About the Body

   Plural Publishing, 2017

McCoy, Scott

   Your Voice: An Inside View

   Inside View Press

   Delaware, OH, 2012

McKinney, James C.

   The Diagnosis and Correction of Vocal Faults

   Waveland Press, Long Grove, IL, 1994

Miller, Richard

   The Structure of Singing: System and Art in Vocal Technique

   Schirmer Books, 1986

Rubin, Adam D.

   The Vocal Pitstop: Seeing Your Voice On Track

   Compton Publishing, 2014

Sanders, Sheri

   Rock the Audition: How to Prepare For and Get Cast in Rock Musicals

   Hal Leonard Books, 2011

Sataloff, Robert T.; Hawkshaw, Mary J.; Moore, Jaime Eaglin; Rutt, Amy L.

   50 Ways To Abuse Your Voice: A Singer’s Guide To a Short Career

   Compton Publishing, 2014

Smith, W. Stephen, with Chipman, Michael

   The Naked Voice: A Wholistic Approach to Singing

   Oxford University Press, 2007

Web Resources

(Click on the link to go to the site), Andrew

   Website for Andrew Byrne, The Singing Athlete, which contains a wealth

   of information on the intersection between singing, athletic training, 

   and neuroscience.

Carroll, Linda, Speech Pathologist and Voice Trainer, NYC

   Dr. Carroll is an internationally recognized voice clinician with over 30 year experience

   as a rehabilitation specialist.

Saunders-Barton, Mary

   Bel Canto Can Belto 

   An excellent site on belting technique.

   Annual conference on singing voice science, led by Richard Lissemore.

   Held at Montclair State University

Edwards, Matthew

   A site particularly suited for those who are interested in Contemporary Commercial Music.