V I D E O 

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Winter Songs by Robert Paterson.
Live performance at the DiMenna Center, New York City, with The American Modern Ensemble. Robert Paterson, conductor.
1.  Icicles filled the long window (Wallace Stevens)
2.  Dark Day, Warm and Windy (A. R. Ammons)
3.  The Snowman (Wallace Stevens)
4.  Boy at the Window (Richard Wilbur)
5.  Old Story (Robert Creeley)
6.  Neither Snow ( Billy Collins)
Winter Songs was commissioned by The Arts at Grace andDavid Neal in 2007, with funds from a grant from the New York State Music Fund. The professional recording (produced by Adam Abeshouse) was released in 2013, and the work was on the 2014 Grammy Ballot for Best Classical Composition of the year.